Aberdeen Play Forum

This year Aberdeen Play Forum is running their Summer Programme from 3rd of July to 11th of August. The sessions are completely free and open to everyone. Please find the attached flyer and feel free to circulate.

Aberdeen Play Forum facilitates inclusive Loose Parts Play in parks and play grounds throughout Aberdeen City. Loose Parts are materials which children can move, adapt, control, change and manipulate in their play. Loose parts play offers children high levels of creativity and choice. The materials can be whatever the child wants them to be – the possibilities are endless. There are no set instructions with loose parts – children use their imagination, take control and lead their own play. With a little imagination they can be transformed into almost anything… Tarpaulins turn into dens, crates and tyres could be a car or a bus, pipes for water play and lots more!  The sessions are not structured, and staff allow children to take lead.  Staff can follow children’s play cues, and join in with play where necessary. We also facilitate weekly messy play sessions where children can explore a variety of mediums such as water, sand, gloop, paint and much more!


You will notice that some locations still have to be announced, look out for announcements on our Facebook page and on our website!

Summer Hols 2017 Advert and Additional Info