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Brush brush brush…!

In nursery, we brush our teeth every day! This is a ChildSmile initiative which is making a positive impact on the health of children’s teeth across Scotland! Source: Nursery

Shared reading at Kincorth Academy

Today the afternoon class visited Kincorth Academy to do shared reading with some S1 pupils! The children all really enjoyed the experience! We will be working with Kincorth Academy to…

Counting practice

We have been practising our counting using this game: Give it a go at home! Here’s how to do it….. img_2038     Source: Nursery

Firework Safety

We have been looking at how to keep safe on the run up to bonfire night.  The morning nursery shared what we had been learning at Assembly.  They were all…

Halloween Fun

The Boys and girls had great fun dressing up and taking part in the Halloween fun and games on Monday. Source: Nursery

Nursery Rules

We agreed our nursery rules and they are now on display in the school foyer! Source: Nursery


This is week we have been learning more about letters and using the writing table to match and copy the alphabet. We have also been practising how to hold a…

Dinosaurs continue to roam at Abbotswell Nursery!

This week in nursery we have been learning more about dinosaurs! The children have been looking up different dinosaurs in books, reading stories about dinosaurs and playing with dinosaurs in…

Snack Time!

At Abbotswell nursery we have all sorts of things for snack! Each week we try to theme our stack around what we are doing in the nursery using both our…

Dinosaurs in the sunshine!

This week at nursery we have been learning about dinosaurs! With another week of good weather, most of our time has been spent outside and we have discovered lots of…