26th January – P2/3 Class notes

Every week Mrs Forbes and Mrs Fyfe will try to post what is happening in our class. It’s been a busy start to the term and the pupils have really enjoyed learning about Scotland. It was fantastic to see so many visitors to our classroom at the Open Afternoon on Wednesday and we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to see the pupils in action!

This week on Tuesday afternoon the class are going to sing their Scottish songs at the Sue Ryder Centre. It’s great for the pupils to get the chance to go to other places in our community.

We are going to move on from our Scotland topic and begin our new class project on Castles. If anyone has any books, photos, pictures or souvenirs which are related to Castles we would love them to take them into class.

In our Numeracy work we will continue to focus on money. The pupils are now confidently making amounts with 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins. This week we will add the 50p coin and work on making amounts up to £1. We have also been asked to share our Big Maths CLIC targets with you. This week we will be:-

C – Counting in 100s from 0 to 1000. We will also practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and link this with our money work

L – Learn Its – our list of learn its remain the same for the session. This week we will again focus on the Learn  its which add on 2. The Learn its are tested in our Beat That tests on a Friday.

I – It’s Nothing New – we are still aiming for a quick recall of doubling single digit numbers

C – Calculations – we are adding and subtracting using a number line

Finally, we have the Book Fayre coming to Abbotswell this week. Our class will have the chance to look at this on Thursday afternoon.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, worries or concerns,

Mrs Forbes and Mrs Fyfe


Source: Primary 2/3