My Favourite Toy – Class Talks

Next week the pupils are going to tell the rest of the class about their favourite toy. We will be looking for the pupils to talk loudly and clearly and to have good eye contact with their audience. There are notes in the pink home books with suggestions for the content of their talk and we are hoping that the talks last for the minimum of a minute.

It would really help if you could help the pupils prepare and practise their talks at home to boost their confidence for presenting their talks in front of an audience. Perhaps the pupils could initially practise in front of a pretend audience of teddies at home. If possible recording their talk is another great way to help them prepare. We plan to record each talk on our class iPad so pupils can watch their talks and identify any improvements they can make for future talking tasks.

We are really looking forward to hearing about their favourite toys. If you have any queries about this task please do not hesitate to contact us,

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Fyfe and Mrs Forbes

Source: Primary 2/3