We have noticed that our bodies are growing and changing.  Lots of us have wobbly milk teeth and a few of us have even had visits from the Toothfairy!  We decided that we needed to find out more about our teeth and why it’s so important to look after them.

We wanted to find out what happens to our teeth if we don't brush them.
We covered a boiled egg with fizzy, sugary juice.
The egg shell got badly stained and was covered in a sticky and slimy layer - yuck!

The shell of an egg is a similar material to the enamel layer of our teeth.  We discovered that sugary drinks can stain our teeth if we don’t brush them each day. The sugar also leads to a layer of plaque that can damage our enamel.

We pretended to be dentists and set to work cleaning these dirty teeth!
Using a toothbrush and 'toothpaste', we made sure the stained teeth were properly cleaned.
We learned how to brush each tooth carefully with our giant brush and mouth model.


We found out that our teeth have different parts.
The white layer is a hard substance called enamel.
We labelled the different parts of our teeth.


We now know why it's so important to brush our teeth EVERY day.
We brush our teeth at school but remember to do it in the morning and at night too!
Brush those incisors, canines and molars!
Source: Primary 1