Stars of the Week (back track!)

We have been a bit behind updating our stars of the week, so here they are for the last two weeks.

26th January:  Lewis!

Lewis got star of the week for good behaviour.

Lewis has been working very hard in class and his behaviour has been really good!  (Ebony)
He is a hard working friend and he helps people out when they’re stuck on their maths.  (Leo)
Lewis is funny and kind. (Amber)

2nd February:  Codie!

Codie was star of the week for building an awesome bridge.

Codie smiles all the time! (James D)
He is smart and he is good at everything! (Jack)
Codie helps people when they are hurt outside in the playground.(Sami)
He is a very polite and hard working boy. (Tegan)

Source: Primary 4/5