Week Beginning 09.02.15


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Gym – Monday and Friday.

Handwriting – This week we will be practising the letters qu and i

Handwriting Homework – Tuesday and Thursday

Common words – This week we will be making, reading and writing the words for and from.

Please help your child to practise reading the common words by using the words in their word pots to play games and test their word recognition skills. Lots of the common words can’t be sounded out so the children need to be encouraged to look at the shape of the whole word and use letters to help them. Please practise the words on the common word wall (found in their Home School Book). See if your child can match the words in their pot with the ones on the wall and then help them to try and read them. If the words are ticked they were able to read them in class.

Reading – Your child will get either a reading book or a reading activity on Monday and Wednesday this week. Please encourage your child to read these as often as possible, sounding out the letters (for example, c-a-t) and then blending them together to say the word (cat).

Maths – We are continuing to work on the concept of addition and will be practising the addition facts for 7 and 8. Correct number formation of numbers 0-10 is also a key focus for us as well as counting on and back from 0-20. Please encourage your child to practise these numbers at home.

Our Big Maths Targets this week are as follows:

C– Counting: Ordering numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest

L– Learn It: 5+5=10

I – It’s Nothing New: Counting on 1 and counting back 1

C– Calculations: I can read an addition sum

Topic – This week we will be continuing our topic – My World. We will be thinking about ourselves focussing particularly on our teeth and we will also be investigating our houses and homes.

Source: Primary 1