Primary 2 Homework wb 02-03-2015



Here is the link for the P2 homework: P2 homework w_c 02_03_2015



New sound – “u-e” The magic ‘e’ makes the vowel before it say its name rather than its sound.

Use the homework jotter to make an “u-e’’ mind map. Try finding at least FOUR of your own words. Choose three of these words to write in three sentence in your homework jotter. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Please learn for Friday


Reading books will be given out on a Monday and Thursday. Please encourage your child to read their book every night and ask inferential questions about the book. Please sign the diary to show this has been done.

Spelling words

Group 1

cube,   cute,   tune,   tube,   rule,   ruler,   use,   fuse,   little,   down

Group 2

cube,   cute,   tune,   use,   fuse,   ruler,   flute,   excuse,   little,  down


Circles: Subtraction 0-12 0-16 depending on ability (start low and get more difficult)

Triangles:  Subtraction within 10


We are going to work on our talking and listening skills this term and in order for us to assess and evaluate each other, each child will need to present a talk to the class.

Please research a dinosaur of choice,

Information to include :

My dinosaur- name, draw it, what does it eat?, where does it live, describe its movement, appearance, sound and character?

Each child has been given a template this week to put this information onto

Presentations to be prepared for week beginning: 09/03/15

Any issues, let me know.

Miss Joyce


Source: Primary 1/2