P1 Homework wb 05/05/2015


Here is the link to the P1 homework: P1 Homework w_c 05_05_2015

Phonics/ Handwriting

Monday: May Day Holiday

Tuesday: Complete handwriting activity “x” in handwriting jotter for Wednesday. Dictation sentence in Home/School jotter

Wednesday: Handwriting practice: Letter ‘z’. Trace the shape of the letter on a grown up’s hand or back. You can try write it in shaving foam or sand if there is any at home.  Dictation sentence in Home/School jotter

Thursday: Complete handwriting activity in handwriting jotter for Tuesday. Dictation sentence in Home/School jotter


Please practise all tricky words

Write one sentence each night that contains one or both of the following tricky words and some words beginning with X or Z.

Tricky words:

play, with

Example sentence:

I play with my dogs.


Circles and Triangles:

Practise new Learn It and Counting past 100- refer to CLIC update in separate blog post!

Information / Data Handling Survey

Could you please talk with your child about favourite pet animals. We are going to complete a bar graph as part of our Information/ Data Handling topic. We would like to know what animals are the favourites from everyone in your child’s home. For example if there are 4 living in the house, 2 might like a dog, 1 might like a cat and 1 might like a hamster. Please write this in the homework jotter near the spelling work.

Thank you for your continued support!!!

Thank you to those that spoke with their children about the Pets, could everyone please ensure they have done so as we would like to make a bar graph of each family’s favourite pets

Source: Primary 1/2