P1 Homework wb 18-05-15


Here is the link to the P1 homework: P1 Homework w_c 18_05_2015


-The activity in the spelling jotter is due for Thursday or earlier if it has been completed.

-Please learn for an informal check up on Friday


Please practise all tricky words

Write one sentence each night that contains one or both of the following tricky words.

This is not being done by all children and would be really beneficial if they could have some additional opportunities at home to make and blend sounds to write sentences. I would greatly appreciate this activity being completed.

Tricky words:

live, give

There will be a check up on Friday of the last 12 tricky words given.

Example sentence:

I live in my house.


Circles and Triangles:

We are working on Measure this week. We will be looking at ways to measure things. Could each child think about what they could use other than rulers and measuring tapes to find the length of something at home. e.g: the table is 9 hands long!!!

Practise new Learn It and Counting past 100- refer to CLIC update in separate blog post!

Source: Primary 1/2