P2/3 – class information

CLIC Targets

C – The class have made a brilliant start with reading and writing 3 digit numbers. We are now going to move on and look at partitioning a 3 digit number using the Big Maths character Squiggleworth. Eg 356 = 300+50+6

L – Focus on the 2 times table

I – Fact Families of 1d+1d numbers eg if 7+8 = 15 then we can work out that 8+7=15 and 15-7=8 and 15-8=15

C – mixture of addition and subtraction facts to 20

Spelling homework – In this week’s homework we would like the pupils to use the 2 words in their spelling list marked with a star in a sentence. Please can the pupils double check that their homework sentences are neatly written with a capital letter and full stop. There will also be a star for their chart for anyone who can include a WOW word in their sentence.

Source: Primary 2/3