P2 Homework wb 08/06/2015


Here is the link for the P2 homework: P2 homework w_c 08_06_2015



New sound – “ew” 

Please complete a mind map for your spellings

Write out your spellings three times, use the Rainbow Write activity once. Write out spelling words once using a variety of coloured pencils.

Write four sentences with any of the ew words in your homework jotter. Remember to use

capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Please learn for Friday!!


Reading books will usually be given out on a Monday and Thursday. Please encourage your child to read their book every night and ask inferential questions about the book. Please sign the diary to show this has been done.

Spelling words

Group 1

new, few, dew, blew, grew, chew, flew, stew, because, want


Group 2 

new, few, blew, grew, chew, drew, stew, screw, because, want


Circles and Triangles:

Practise new Learn It and Counting past 100- refer to CLIC update in separate blog post!

Source: Primary 1/2