Primary 1 Trip to Smuggler’s Cove and Aberdeen Beach


On Wednesday we will be going on our summer outing to Smuggler’s Cove and Aberdeen beach. Please ensure your child is wearing school uniform on their top half (preferably with the Abbotswell badge for identification) and something casual on their lower half.

The children will need to take a bag. One they can carry on their back is best like their school bag.

It will obviously be a lovely sunny day!!…but in case it isn’t, the children must have a waterproof jacket with them and outdoor shoes on. In case it is…please provide them with suntan lotion and a sun hat.

Snack and lunch are being provided by Smuggler’s Cove so the children will not need to take any food or drinks with them.

We are hoping to go for a wee paddle at the beach. If your child would like to join in they will need a pair of shorts and a small towel in their bag. If they have a small bucket and spade that fit in the bag, they can come too!!

Please ensure that any children who require inhalers have them with them. School ones have been needed at home recently.

We are looking forward to a brilliant day out with lots of fun, laughter and sunshine. Well at least we’re pretty certain about the fun and laughter bits!!


Source: Primary 1