Bienvenue/Welcome everyone to our blog. This blog will let you know what we have been learning and doing in our French and PE classes.


This week we learned how to say Hello and Goodbye in French.

Salut/Bonjour means hello

au revoir means goodbye

We also wrote down what we knew about France already and here is the results from each class.

Top ten things we know about France


  1. Eat snails
  2. Discovered cats
  3. Eiffel tower
  4. Flag is blue, white and red
  5. Eat croissants
  6. Eat frogs legs
  7. Wear berets
  8. Use the Euro
  9. Speak French
  10. Have Disneyland


  1. Capital is Paris
  2. Eat snails and frogs legs
  3. Eiffel tower has a café
  4. They have moustaches
  5. Have Disneyland
  6. Speak differently
  7. Eat croissants
  8. It is in Europe
  9. Eat baguettes
  10. Merci means thank you


  1. Romantic place
  2. Eiffel tower
  3. Allies in WW2
  4. Use the Euro
  5. Have Disneyland
  6. Capital is Paris
  7. They like wine
  8. They eat snails
  9. Good painters
  10. Eat croissants

We know quite a lot already!!


Source: Mrs Brechin’s Blog