Daily Archives: September 9, 2015

Book Worms

Every Wednesday afternoon P4 go through to the school library to have a read of their chosen books. Today, all of P4 did a great job in the library and…

Letter Sounds – week beginning 7.9.15

Our sounds for this week are i and p. Source: Primary 3/4


We have been working hard on learning our letter sounds. These are the ones we have covered so far. Each week the children will be introduced to 2 new sounds….

Star of the week – 4.9.15

Our second star of the week is Eryn for being excellent at answering questions in class. Source: Primary 3/4

CLIC wb 7/09/2015

Here are our CLIC targets for this week: C– Counting: Reading Numbers; 2d numbers and 3d numbers e.g.: 52, 765, 45, 983 etc.. L– Learn Its: x2 tables; Be able to…

Homework wb 7/09/2015

Here is the homework for Primary 6 this week: Spelling 1. Write spelling lists out twice (two more times in jotter). 2. Write all words from your spelling list into…