First meeting – 4/9/15

We have had our first meeting. We all introduced ourselves to the group and Mrs Brechin explained a little about what tasks we might be doing this year.

First of all – Playground Equipment

Last year’s Pupil Council consulted all the pupils in the school to ask what we could do to make things better in school.

The main thing that pupils wanted was equipment to play with at break and lunchtimes.

Pupils were asked what sort of equipment they would like and the council members collated all of the responses.

As a result, a list was made up. Many people in the School Community handed in Sainsbury vouchers. The council have used these to order new equipment. The council also had a “Dress as you Please” day and raised £162 for more equipment.

Our first task is to work out how we are going to share out the equipment and how we are going to look after it. All class reps have to consult their classes to find out what they think and what ideas they have for this.

Our next meeting is on Friday 25th September at 9.30am.

Source: Primary 7