Pupil Council Meeting 25/9/15

We had our first full meeting on Friday. All members were present.

Here is a report of our meeting.

Abbotswell Pupil Council

Minute of the meeting held at 9.30am on 25th September 2015 in Room 12

This is what we talked about:

All the Council members signed the attendance sheet.

Attending the meeting were:

Mrs Brechin (staff member)

Nursery – Bethany Smith

P1 – Gregor McPherson

P1/2- Emma Ogston

P2 – Brodie Riley

P3 – Erica Werniewicz

P4 – Jack Harvey

P5 – Paige Burnett

P6 – Amber Selway

P7 – Lennon Hay

Mrs Brechin welcomed everyone to the meeting.

First thing we did was to report back about who should look after the playground equipment.

The suggestions for who should look after our equipment were as follows:

  • Janitor
  • Primary 7’s
  • Pupil Council
  • All pupils
  • PSA’s
  • Everyone.

The Council members then discussed these options and had a vote. It was unanimously decided that all pupils were to look after the equipment.

Next we shared our ideas on how the playground equipment would be shared among the classes. The ideas were:

  • A box for each class with different equipment in it
  • Two boxes for P1 – P3 to be shared on alternate days i.e. On Monday P1 and P1/2 would have the boxes, on Tuesday P2 and P3, and then back to P1 and P1/2 on Wednesday etc.
  • One large box for P1 –P3 and One large box for P4 – P7 so that everyone could play with the equipment every day

Again after much discussion about these options the Council members had a vote. The majority of the Council members voted to have one large box for P1 – P3 and P4 – P7.

Mrs Brechin explained that some of the Primary 6 pupils have started a “Young Sports Leader” course on a Thursday afternoon. These pupils will be able to set up games in the playground and encourage people to join in.

The Pupil Council will help Mrs Brechin sort out our new playground equipment so that we can use it next term.

The Pupil Council will also attend an assembly to talk to the school about what they have decided to do with the playground equipment.

The Pupil Council though that we should support our local Rotary Club this year by helping them with their ShoeBox Appeal. They will give further details at an assembly and will send out information for parents by the end of term.

Finally, the Pupil Council will ask their classes what they think about having a healthy tuck shop in school and will discuss this at their next meeting on Friday 6th November at 10.45am.

Mrs Brechin thanked everyone for coming today.

The meeting ended at 10.15am.



Source: Pupil Council