Meeting 6/11/15

Abbotswell Pupil Council

Minute of the meeting held at 1.30pm on 6th November 2015 in Room 12

This is what we talked about:

All the Council members signed the attendance sheet.

Attending the meeting were:

Mrs Brechin (staff member)

Nursery – Bethany Smith

P1 – Gregor McPherson

P1/2- Emma Ogston

P2 – Brodie Riley

P3 – Erica Werniewicz

P4 – Jack Harvey

P5 – Paige Burnett

P6 – Amber Selway

P7 – Lennon Hay


Mrs Brechin welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Playground Equipment

First thing we did was to talk about how everyone was getting on using the playground equipment. The Pupil Council organised the equipment for the P1 –P3 and P4-P7 classes and was ready for pupils to use last week.

All Council members reported that their classes were using the equipment and enjoying doing so.

A few members have raised concerns that some pupils are not looking after the equipment well and have left it lying around the playground or not putting it away tidily in the box rooms.

Mrs Brechin reported that some equipment was found and handed in by the Janitor and Aaron Taylor from P3. She has thanked both of them for taking the equipment in and the Pupil Council has returned the items to the boxes.

The Council members all agreed to talk to their class to remind them to remember to bring the equipment inside and put it away tidily.


Tuck shop

The Pupil Council have found out that the majority of pupils in school would like to have a healthy tuck shop. They are now going to find out what pupils would like to have on sale and how often the tuck shop will operate. This will be further discussed at our next meeting.


Shoe Box Appeal

The Council members made up half of the shoeboxes ready to put in the items that have already been donated. The boxes are to be filled with items for boys and girls, teenagers and boxes with household items.

Many thanks to those who have made donations already. We have one more week left for donations so if you can spare something you will make someone very happy this Christmas.



The next meeting will be on Friday 20th November at 9.30am.


Mrs Brechin thanked everyone for coming today.



The meeting ended at 2.15pm.

Source: Pupil Council