Scottish Children’s Book Awards

Yesterday we visited the Beach Ballroom to meet the three authors nominated for this years Scottish Children’s Book Awards in the age 3-7 category. Pamela Butchard, Emily Mackenzie and Simon Puttock showed photos, read their stories and told us all about themselves. There were over 800 children there from across Aberdeen and it was lovely to see our boys and girls listening well, enjoying themselves and waiting so patiently when they had to!

We hope the children in primary 1 have been enjoying each of the books at home. We have been reading them in class, talking about the characters and voting for our favourite. We will take our final vote tomorrow although it looks like ‘Wanted – Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar’ is a firm favourite already!

The three authors nominated for Scottish Children Book Awards.
Simon Puttock reading his book.
Sleep little rabbits!!
Emily Mackenzie showing us how to draw Ralfy!
Pamela Butchard telling us where all her ideas come from.
The Beach Ballroom filling up...and up!,


Source: Primary 1/2