Week beginning 23.11.15

Reading – new books will go out on Monday and Thursday.

letter gletter oletter uletter lletter fletter b

Phonics – this week we are revising our last 6 letter sounds.

Common Words – our words this week are to and do. Please complete the homework for Thursday. Check back to the word wall with the first 12 common words to see which ones your child knows. The ones not coloured in are the ones to keep learning.

Topic – last week we were finding out about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We will complete some work on this then move on to St Andrew’s Day.

Maths – we have done lots of work on numbers to 10, thinking about numbers more and less than others and doing lots of counting. Our next maths topic will be adding.

Wednesday 25th November – trip to the Beach Ballroom to an author event.

The children will start rehearsing for our Christmas concerts this week and will take a copy of our song words home to help with learning the words.

Source: Primary 1