Week beginning 9.11.15

Welcome to Jack, our new boy in the class who started today.

Reading – new books will go out on Monday and Thursday. Some children will have the next word wall stuck in their pink homework books. The faces will be coloured in school when the children know the words. They can be matched with the word pot words.

Phonics – this week we will introduce letter u and on Tuesday and Thursday. Try to revise the other letter sounds too.

letter uletter l

Common words – this week the words are did and him. All the words we have covered so far are on a word wall in the white book. Try to revise these at home. The children will be assessed in school and the faces coloured when the words are known. This will be done next week. The usual common word homework is for Thursday.

Topic – our topic in Primary 1 this term is festivals. We started with Halloween and Bonfire Night and are going on to find out about Poppy Day, Diwali, St Andrew’s Day and Christmas.

Poppies are still on sale in school this week.

Source: Primary 1