Weekly plan – week beginning 9.11.15

untitled It is remembrance day on Thursday and we will be observing a minutes silence in school. Poppies can still be got from school for a small donation.

Reading – Your child will receive a new reading book on Monday and Wednesday. It would be extremely helpful if you could work with your child for a short time each night.

First night with the book – read the story together, look at the pictures and discuss what’s happening. Have a look at any words in the word pot and see if your child can find them in the text. Ask your child to read the text to you, supporting them when necessary. If they are stuck with a word, encourage them to sound it out, look for clues in the picture and the story.

On the second night see what they can remember about their book from memory. Ask them to read the text to you and then focus on words from the text, or in their pot, that they struggled with.

Common Words – did and him. Primary 1 homework will be given out on a Monday and should be completed for the Thursday. This week there is a common word wall in jotters. Please practise reading each word on the wall ready for a wee assessment at the end of the week.

Phonics – u and l. Please remember to complete the word making activity in home/school books. Thank you to all parents who have worked with your child to make words. It not only builds spelling skills but also reinforces the individual sounds.

P2 will be reading and writing 3 letter words and will get spelling homework on Monday which should be completed for Thursday. These words should be practised each night at home, ready for the spelling test on Friday. You can see how well they have done as it is completed in the back of their homework jotter.

Number – Primary 1 and 2 will either be working with numbers words to 10 or 20. We will also be introducing or continuing addition.

Source: Primary 1/2