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Butterflies flutter away!!

Today we released our 4 butterflies into the wild!! We got them when they were tiny caterpillars and they grew and grew! Then they made their cocoons and emerged as…

Raffle Winners

CONGRATULATIONS TO India Webster 10 Banks of Dee Gym Sessions ——————————————————————————————— Bradley Grant Family Pass to Landmark

Duthie Park Fun

We had a really enjoyable morning at Duthie Park yesterday with the whole school. We were so lucky it stayed dry AND Mrs Forbes managed to stop by to see…

Drumming Workshops

Free Summer Workshops

Summer School Trip

We all had a fabulous time with the Primary 3s on our summer school trip. This year we visited the Snow Sports Centre to take part in Skiing and Tubing….

Summer Hopes

We had a great time discussing and sharing our hopes for the summer holidays today. Can you see what we are ‘looking forward to’ in our glasses?! Source: Primary 2

End of term trip

Source: Primary 5

Potted Sports

Well done to our Primary 6 class…they have done an amazing job running all of the Potted Sports activities for the whole school.  They listened perfectly, performed exactly how they…

2016 Potted Sports

We had a great time at this year’s potted sports event, despite the rain. The P6 pupils did a fantastic job of organising us and the equipment. Source: Primary 2

A fab day out at Hazlehead park!

    Source: Primary 1/2