Week beginning 27.09.16


Please continue to check bookbags every night and remove any notes, small sound booklets and letters from the office. Thank you for helping your child (and staff!) by naming water bottles, snack pots and jackets.

Please remember that Parent interviews are on Tuesday and Thursday this week. You should have received your appointment time in your child’s book-bag.

Mrs Northcroft will be attending meetings on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Douglas will be teaching the class.

Reading – Your child will receive a new reading book on Tuesday and Thursday. It would be extremely helpful if you could work with your child for a short time each night.

If the reading book has words please support your child to read the text. Let them try to read it independently and encourage them to point to the words as they are reading. If they are unsure, say the first sound for them, draw their attention to letters that they recognise along with the overall shape of the word, or sound it out completely if necessary. Try matching the words from their pots with the words on the page and play games like – point to the word that says…

Common Words – he and she. Homework will be given out on a Tuesday and should be completed for the Thursday. Please see your child’s ‘Common Word Book’ for more information.

Phonics – This week we will be consolidating c/k and learning to recognise, write and use the sound e.  Please help your child to complete the word making job in their Home/School book if this hasn’t been done already. We will be doing a variety of word making activities in class throughout the week which will encourage the children to blend sounds together to make simple words and helping them to read short words by sounding out the letters.

Maths – Number work, puzzles and counting for 0-10 and the correct formation of 9 and 10.

Source: Primary 1 – Room 1