Week beginning 15.5.17

Parent interviews are this week on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Your child should have received their report on Friday. Please return the sheet at the back of the report.

This week in school all classes are participating in a week long programme called Engineer “n” Our Lives themed around everyday engineering. Professional engineers will be in school to talk about their work and answer questions. The children will undertake 4 challenges set for them. 


Reading – The children will get 2 new books this week on Monday and Thursday. Thursday’s book will not be read in school but can be read at home. We are going to Kincorth Library during our reading time on Thursday.

Big Maths


C – Counting forwards and backwards from various 2d numbers

L –   5 x table

–  Coin multiplication            multiply a number by 1 and by 10

C – Addition –  2d tens number to  a 2d number       23+40

Our focus for other maths work this week will again be addition. The children are now using a jotter to record their calculations for maths. We are learning how to set out our work correctly in our jotters.



French – This week our French will be our daily routine of greetings and calendar including day, date and month.



Homework – Our spelling pattern this week is aw as in draw and crawl. Please write each word 3 times and choose 2 words and write a sentence with each. Spelling test will be on Friday this week so homework should be completed by then. Some of the children have an extra spelling challenge again in their homework book.

You can see how your child got on with last week’s spelling at the back of the homework book.

Topic – We have now read up to chapter 10 of our book Charlotte’s Web. The children are finding out meanings of some of the more complex words in the story. We are making a pig shaped dictionary to help us remember them. We have also researched some pig facts.

Source: Primary 3