Week beginning 18.9.17

This week we have an SSPCA talk on Monday.

We have a short school week this week and next as we have the September holiday weekend. School is closed on Friday 22nd and Monday 25th September.


Homework – Spelling and reading homework will continue this week. Spelling words will be given home on Monday and the book should be returned to school on Thursday this week.  Our spelling pattern is ur as in fur and turn. Please write each word 3 times and choose 2 words and write a sentence with each. Spelling test will be on Thursday this week so homework should be completed by then.


Reading – The children will get 2 new books this week on Monday and Thursday.

Big Maths


C – numbers to 20 compare, order, count on/back, estimating

L  10 x table jumbled

– doubling 2 digit numbers          40+40=80    24+24=48

C – division by grouping             counting in 2s, 5s, 10s to find how many altogether

Our focus for other maths work has been shape and we will continue with it this week. The children have been learning about 3D shapes including their names and their properties. How many faces, vertices or edges.


French – This week our French will be our daily routine of days for our calendar and we will be asking and answering about the weather.

What is the weather like?    Quel temps fait-il?

It is fine.    Il fait beau.

It is bad weather.    Il fait mauvais.

It is hot.    Il fait chaud.

It is cold.    Il fait froid.

It is raining.    Il pleut.

It is sunny.   Il y a du soleil.

It is cloudy.    Il y a des nuages.

It is windy.    Il fait du vent.

Source: Primary 3