CLIC Targets wb 09/10/2017

C– Counting: Core Numbers: Step 9: I can understand numbers with different decimal places e.g.: Compare, Order, Round, Estimate activities using numbers fr example: 1.341, 1.52, 1.6

 L– Learn Itsx3 Simple revision. Here’s a fun game…

 I– It’s Nothing New: Jigsaw Numbers: I can find the missing decimal piece. Example: 7.6 + ? = 10; ? = 2.4 Tip: units add to ten and the rest add to 9.

 C– Calculations: Addition: Step 39: I can solve additions with several numbers. E.g.: 1202 + 45 + 367 =

Use FAB method; you may use Speedy Col column methods, but start from the thousands!!!

Source: Primary 7