Daily Archives: November 6, 2017

Judo (Week 2)

Today we had our second session of Judo!! We were taught many new techniques and they all come with such discipline. We were told by our trainer that we got…

CLIC Targets- wb 6/11/17

Primary 6 targets are: C- I can read 9,8 and 7 digit numbers. L- I can multiply by 8. I- I can do Smile Multiplication for tenths. C- I can…

Homework- wb 6/11/17

Homework due: Friday 10/11/17 Spelling Copy each word in your spelling list out 3 times using the method look, say, cover, write and check. Choose one spelling activity from the booklet….

CLIC Targets wb 06/11/2017

C– Counting: Core Numbers: Step 10: I can understand numbers with different decimal places e.g.: Compare, Order, Round, Estimate activities using numbers fr example: 1.341, 1.52, 1.6  L– Learn Its: x4 Simple revision….

Homework wb 06-11-2017

Literacy: Spellings: Write out spellings 2 more times. Learn for Friday Activity: Other Handed First write out your spelling words in a list. Then try writing the list with your…