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CLIC Targets wb 13-11-2017

C– Counting: Core Numbers: Step 10: I can understand numbers with different decimal places e.g.: Compare, Order, Round, Estimate activities using numbers for example: 1.341, 1.52, 1.6  L– Learn Its: x5 Simple revision….

Homework wb 13-11-2017

Literacy: Spellings: Write out spellings 2 more times. Learn for Friday Activity: Bubble Letters Write your spelling words in bubble letters. After you have written your words, colour them in…

Homework wb 13.11.17

P5 Homework w/b 13/11/17                   Homework due: Thursday 16/11/17 Spelling: Copy each word in your spelling list out 3 times using the method look, say, cover, write and check. Choose…