Week beginning 15.1.18

This week we will be going to Kincorth Library on Tuesday morning.


Homework – Spelling and reading homework will continue this week. Spelling words will be given home on Monday and the book should be returned to school on Friday.  Our spelling pattern is soft g as in age and magic. Please write each word 3 times and choose 2 words and write a sentence with each. Spelling test will be on Friday so homework should be completed by then.


Reading – The children will get 2 new books this week on Monday and Thursday.

Big Maths


C – counting in 50s and 500s

L  10 x table jumbled facts         5+4=9        5+6=11

jigsaw numbers     find the missing piece to the next multiple of                                                  10       e.g. 24 + __ =30

C – addition   add a 1 digit number to a 2 digit tens number                                                   30+4=34


Our focus for other maths work this week will be addition, working within 100.



French – This week our French will be our daily routine of the day and date for our calendar. We will also focus on general conversation questions such as – How are you? What is your name? How old are you? Where do you live?



Topic – The children have been doing some writing about Katie Morag. We have also been looking at the map of the fictional Isle of Struay. We have started to design our own islands and will draw and label areas on our island maps and on an outline of Struay.


Source: Primary 3