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CLIC Targets wb 30/04/2018

 L– Learn Its: x8 tables: Remember to choose a level you want to achieve and practise! Take 2/3 facts a day!  I– It’s Nothing New: Simple equivalents: fractions-decimals-percentages. 1/3=0.33=33.3%; 1/6=0.165= 16.5% or 17% rounded…

Literacy Homework wb 30/04/2018

Literacy: to be completed for Friday 04/05/2018 Spellings: Write out spellings 2 more times. Learn for Friday Spelling Activity: Spelling Poem: Write a poem using several of your spelling words. Underline the…

Pupil of the Week-27/4/18

Congratulations to our pupil of the week, Doren Kirkovits. Doren was chosen this week for her positive and hard working attitude.  She works hard across all areas of the curriculum!…

Reading and Sounds 30/04/2018

Each week the Primary 2 boys and girls will be focusing on 1 phoneme. This week our phoneme is… oa Please look in their home/school book for activities to support their learning. Play…

CLIC Targets 30/04/2018

Our CLIC Math’s targets for this week are: C : Counting in 3s L : Learning to count forwards and backwards crossing the 10 eg. Count from 36 to 42….

Week beginning 30.4.18

Each week on a Monday afternoon we will be going outside for outdoor learning with Mr Miller. Please be prepared for any weather! School is closed Monday 7th May for…

Pupil of the Week – 27.4.18

This week’s star of the week is Fraser. He did some fantastic work on the days of the week in French.  Well done Fraser. Source: Primary 3

Lego Creators Club

Lego themed creative session Tuesday 15th May

Pupil of the Week 27/04/2018

Our Pupil of the Week is Penny Well done!! Source: Primary 7

Dates for your Diaries

A few dates for your diaries: Tuesday 1st May (6-7:30pm)  Digital Technologies Curricular Evening  Find out about some of the tech we use in school to support learning and find out ways…