Daily Archives: May 14, 2018

RGU Gym Sessions

Today was our final Gym session with students from Robert Gordon University. We have really enjoyed playing the games and learning the skills that they have taught us.  Source: Primary…

CLIC Targets wb 14/05/2018

 I– It’s Nothing New: Fact Families. Using what we know to apply it to other questions. 3+4=7; 0.3+0.4=0.7; 0.03+0.04=0.07 etc.  C– Calculations: I can combine 2 or more coin facts to solve division …

Literacy Homework wb 14-05-2018

Literacy: to be completed for Friday 18/05/2018 Not Google Classroom Version- check Google Classroom for alternative assignment Spellings: Write out spellings 2 more times. Learn for Friday Spelling Activity:  Telephone Words….