CLIC Targets wb 10-09-2018

C– Counting: Squiggleworth (Step 3): I can partition a 1dp number. E.g.: 2.3

 L– Learn Its: Doubles beyond 5: This seems crazy but often when focusing on tales for a long time, we lose our speed at recalling addition with certain numbers. This revision will help children with their Learn Its test on Fridays. 6+6, 7+7, 8+8, 9+9 to be answered in a CLICK!!!

 I– It’s Nothing New: Doubling with Pim (Step 3 With crossing 10): I can double 2d nymbers. E.g.: Double 26 is 52

 C– Calculations: Subtraction (Step 29): I can subtract with 3 digit numbers. E.g.: 682-100

Source: Primary 4/5