CLIC Targets wb 17-09-2018

C– Counting: Squiggleworth (Step 4): I can partition a 2dp number. E.g.: 2.38

 L– Learn Its: Adding 3 and adding 4 (Step 7): 7+4=, 8+4=, 9+4=, 8+3=, 9+3=; we have discussed many strategies and ways to help us remember / work out these questions. Revision of the 10x tables.

 I– It’s Nothing New: Adding with Pim (Step 3): I can add thousands. E.g 3000+4000=7000 as we know 3+4=7…30+40=70,…300+400=700 “Swap the ‘thing’ to thousands”

 C– Calculations: Multiplication (Step 12: 6, 7, 8 & 9 times tables): I can solve any 1d x 1d. Practise of tables that children feel less confident about. A good resource to use is the game Hit the Button, here is a link. (Tablet friendly)


Source: Primary 4/5