CLIC Targets wb 01.10.18

C– Counting: CORE Numbers (Step 4): I can understand 3d numbers. E.g.: Order numbers by their hundreds digit, if the same, order by the tens digit, if the same, order by the units digit;

232, 233, 234

 L– Learn Its: Adding with near doubles (Step 8): Lean on the doubles concept as an anchorage point. 6+8, 5+7, 5+8,

Use the notion of adding 9 being ‘add on 10 then take away 1’. 5+9, 6+9, 7+9;

Revision of the full 2x tables.

 I– It’s Nothing New: x10 (Step 1): I can multiply whole numbers by 10. E.g 13 x 10 = 130; Remember to place a zero on the units end, this moves the digits one place to the left, so this makes the number 10 times bigger.

 C– Calculations: Multiplication (Step 13: 6, 7, 8 & 9 times tables): I can do any Smile Multiplication. E.g.: 80 x 70. Do the tables bit, count the zeros in the question, put the zeros on your answer.

Source: Primary 4/5