Homework wb 29.10.18

Literacy: to be completed for Friday 02.11.2018


1. Write out spellings 3 times using the Look, Cover, Write, Check method.

  • Look– Discuss the look of the word, some letters are tall, have tails, have words within words, silent letters etc.
  • Cover– Fold spelling sheet and keep out of sight.
  • Write– Write out the word as best as you can remember.
  • Check– Unfold spelling sheet and correct spellings, make any changes needed and continue onto the next word.

2. Learn for Friday

Fun Spelling Activity:  Words Without Consonants. Write your spelling words in a list or a line but replace all the consonants with a line. Then go back to the beginning of your list and see if you can fill in the correct missing consonants  (with a sharp colouring pencil, if you wish).

Source: Primary 4/5