CLIC Targets wb 19.11.2018

C– Counting: Counting  Along (Step 2) : I can count along even when the numbers aren’t written in

 L– Learn Its: Revision of x6 tables: Learning the answers, off by heart, in a click!!

Challenge 1: Ask an adult to jumble up the questions and see if you can answer them

Challenge 2: Ask an adult to say the answer and you say the question.

 I– It’s Nothing New: Where’s Mully (Step 3): I can find Mully using 10 lots and a Tables Fact.

 C– Calculations: Division (Step 19: 2,3,4 and 5 times tables): I can combine 2 or more tables facts to solve division (with remainders). 68 divided by 5 =. 

Source: Primary 4/5

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