Homework wb 19.11.2018

Literacy: to be completed for Friday 23.11.2018


1. Write out spellings 3 times using the Look, Cover, Write, Check method.

  • Look– Discuss the look of the word, some letters are tall, have tails, have words within words, silent letters etc.
  • Cover– Fold spelling sheet and keep out of sight.
  • Write– Write out the word as best as you can remember.
  • Check– Unfold spelling sheet and correct spellings, make any changes needed and continue onto the next word.

2. Learn for Friday

Fun Spelling Activity:  Choo Choo Words. Write out your spelling words end to end as one long list of words without any spaces. If you want to be even more creative you can make the line in the shape of a train!! You should change colour pencils with each word you use.


Source: Primary 4/5

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