CLIC Targets wb 21.01.2019

C– Counting: Squiggleworth (Step 4) : I can partition a 2dp number

 L– Learn Its: Step 14: x11 tables; with a particular focus on the rule for x10 a number and then he learning of both facts for 11×11 and 12×11

Challenge 1: Ask an adult to jumble up the questions and see if you can answer them

Challenge 2: Ask an adult to say the answer and you say the question.

I– It’s Nothing New: Adding with Pim (Step 4): I can add tenths. Example: 0.4+0.3=0.7, using he facts that are already known; 3+4, 30+40. 300+400 etc.

 C– Calculations: Addition (Step 29): I can solve any 3d + 3d. with a particular focus on turning this 1 question into 3 questions…with the plan to get to the ‘Abridged’ and then eventually ‘Brain’ methods.

Source: Primary 4/5