Week beginning 28th January 2019

The book fair comes to school this week. Our time for P1C is on Thursday afternoon at 1.50pm. You can come in to look at the books with your child at that time if you want.

Letter Sounds

This week our sounds are ng as in strong or ring, and v. Letter sound ng homework should be completed for Wednesday and letter sound v homework should be completed by Friday.

Common Words

The third word wall is now in the white book for revision at home. Words for this week are saw and went. Please complete the common word homework for Thursday. You may need to help your child to write the number after counting the words together. They should also try to write the words.


The children will get 2 new books this week on Monday and Thursday. We will move onto the Oxford Reading Tree Snapdragons set of books.

Word Pots

Words will be added to match the books.

big and up will be added for My Dad

am, going and me will be added for Going Up and Down

went will be added for Breakfast

dog and my will be added for My Dog Needs A Bone




This week we will again focus on number – counting, reading, saying, writing.


As part of our Big Maths we do CLIC sessions in the class which now in Primary 1 involve C – counting  L – learn its I – it’s nothing new and C – calculations.

Counting – CORE numbers – missing numbers to 10 and 20

Learn its –  3 + 3 = 6 and 4 + 4 = 8 and 5 + 5 = 10

It’s Nothing New – doubling 1 digit numbers

Calculations – adding two groups to find the total amount



Our topic of Scotland continues this week. We will listen to some more Scottish stories, and carry on with our dancing to Scottish music in the gym. Thistle pictures will be our aim in Art this week and we will be tasting some Scottish food at the end of the week.

Source: Primary 1 – Room 1