Homework wb 18.03.2019


Literacy Homework 

Children need to learn their spellings. There will continue to be a spelling test on a Friday however they all know that they can decide how they would like to learn these words. We have used many different activities in class and for homework over the last two terms, so children should be familiar with activities to use. If they are unsure, they can choose from this list:

  • Blue Vowels
  • Vowel Circle
  • Rainbow Write
  • Elkonin Boxes
  • Diacritical Marking

Or look back on previous homework posts, ask in class or use

this website for additional ideas:


Upcoming Competitions:

  • Begin thinking of your story for Explore Learning writing competition. (Optional theme: ‘A Chance to Change the World’)
  • Begin thinking of a news story for the P&J newspaper front cover competition (Optional theme; ‘Fighting for our Future’) 

Topic Homework:

  • As this week is Climate Week North East Read, complete this  activity at home to monitor your family’s food waste:


  • Try and read at least one news report.
  • Look / listen out  for any reports in the newspapers, on the news on TV/Newsround or on the radio for any Climate /Weather related news that is not the weather forecast! Record the main points.
  • Continue to take part in as  many Random Acts of Kindness at home with your family and friends.

Source: Primary 4/5