Homework for 25/11/19

Literacy Homework 

Children need to learn their spellings. There will continue to be a spelling test on a Friday however they all know that they can decide how they would like to learn these words.

I would recommend they learn the list they have written in class on Monday, then on Tuesday, write a list of words and learn them, the same on Wednesday and then on Thursday they can choose a fun spelling activity of their choice

We have used many different activities in class and for homework over the last two terms, so children should be familiar with activities to use. If they are unsure, they can choose from this list:

  • Blue Vowels
  • Vowel Circle
  • Rainbow Write
  • Elkonin Boxes
  • Diacritical Marking

Or ask in class or use this website for additional ideas:


Numeracy Homework

  • Practise CLIC targets for this week
  • Sumdog- if there is WiFi access at home-Miss Lakusta

Source: Primary 5/6

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