A little bit of art to brighten up the streets.

Hello everyone! It has been one whole week for you all being at home and I hope you are being good and trying your best to keep busy.  Sadly I am in week two as I missed a week of work, as my husband was ill- he is all better now so do not worry! 🙂

My children and I found this Facebook group  “Window Art, I Spy Rainbows and So much more!”

You don’t have to be on Facebook to do the cool drawings and art though. The idea is that you make a beautiful picture each week and put it in your window to show everyone in your street your amazing artwork. This will also help people smile as they walk past and if you go for a walk with your mum or dad then maybe you can look for Rainbows or Butterflies in other peoples windows.


The art changes weekly so this week we have to make butterflies and put them in our window… my children are older so they tried origami – paper folding…

My butterfly was rubbish but my children made some beautiful ones and we have hung them in our window beside our rainbow.

You could paint butterflies or make them out of lego. Maybe you could make one out of rubbish and then paint it, whatever mum or dad can find.

Share your beautiful art work for all to see.

-Mrs Amos



Source: Nursery