CLIC Targets – Week Beginning Monday 30th March

C – counting
L – learn its
I – it’s nothing new
C – calculations

C – counting in quarters, fractions and decimals, ¼ s and 0.25s
L – 6 fact challenge
I – POMs words: factors, square numbers, prime numbers
C – Division, 3 digits by 1 digit
3d ÷ 1d (154 ÷ 5)

CLIC maths powerpoints can be accessed on Google Classroom. The pupils can work through these each day.
I will adapt the powerpoints throughout the week.
The pupils can record their answers on paper or whiteboards if they wish but do not need to do so. Working through the powerpoints and saying the answers aloud or internally is also acceptable. The purpose of CLIC maths is to build speed and accuracy in mental maths calculations, through regular short bursts of mental maths. The pupils are familiar with the process of working through CLIC powerpoints.

Source: Primary 7