Home Learning Tasks – Tuesday 24th March

Good morning,
Some more tasks posted on Google Classroom. Some good work taking place so far.
Tasks are there if and when you are able to work through them. Priority at the moment is keeping safe and healthy.
As per the home learning guide, children may also be taking this time to do indoor activities, exercise, helping round the house and talking to family and friends.
A guide to learning at home

Home Learning Tasks – Tuesday 24th March

Social, emotional health and wellbeing
• Morning check in – how are you finding using Google Classroom so far?

• Spelling – practise words 3 times: on the computer in different fonts or in jotter in lower case/capitals/fancy letters
• Reading – reflective reading short read task map, video clip, ‘The Doll that Chose to Drive’. 4 more questions.

• Measure – access Education City and work through the ‘Weight’ city
• CLIC maths – 4 powerpoints to work through (see CLIC targets

Source: Primary 7