Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning. We’ve made it to the end of the week 2 and the end of term. Hope you’re still all well and managing to keep busy.

Here is the Fischy Music assembly for week 2.


Practise your phonics sounds from this week. Try the maths games on Education City or Top Marks. Click on the link below to see Word Wall 4 – our last 12 common words. You can use it to practise and learn the words or try a matching game.

Word Wall 4


Try doing your own spelling test.                                                                              If you would like to do Beat That for this week click on the Beat That Week 1  link below. Remember to set a timer for 50 or 60 seconds.

Beat That week 1

Try the maths games on Top Marks or Education City.

Bounce Back

This week’s topic is Friends can be different.

Here are some story suggestions for this topic.

Think about how you are different to some of your friends. Choose one friend and draw a picture of the two of you together. Try thinking about how you are the same and how you are different. Write down or ask someone to help write your ideas.

This is another story celebrating friendship between all kinds of people.

For a follow up activity try making a rainbow with cut out hands. Draw round your hand seven times on different coloured papers or colour in the seven hands in different colours. Cut them out and stick them together to make a rainbow arc.

Easter Activities

As this is the last day of term before Easter you may want to do some Easter art or craft. Try drawing and decorating your own Easter Eggs. If you have access to a printer you may want to print out some Easter worksheets. Twinkl is free to access at the moment          free access code   UKTWINKLHELPS

Some other ideas you might want to try.  An adult may have to help with some of the folding and cutting.

Hope you all manage to enjoy the Easter Holidays, get some rest at home with your family and stay safe.


Source: Primary 1/2