P7 – S1 Transition Stories

P7 have been writing realistic fiction, thinking ahead to the first day of secondary school.

We hope you enjoy reading some of our stories.


The First Day of Secondary School

Marilyn went to bed that night dreaming of the adventures that would take place the next morning. It would be her first day at secondary school. Marilyn woke up early in the morning and got ready for school. she hurried to the breakfast table and ate happily. She was very excited yet scared for the day ahead. After her breakfast hurried to put her shoes on and rushed to the door. Marilyn shouted “goodbye” to her mum and dad and ran to school.

On the way to school, she had lots of mood swings and honestly didn’t know how she felt. As she got closer and closer to her new school, more people appeared and she felt a rush of excitement. In the distance she could see a tall white building with a huge badge that said “Oakwood secondary school.”, at that moment, she knew that this was not a dream, this was real life.

As she got closer, she saw lots of people entering the school and as she was about to walk through the gates, a short blonde girl came to  walk next to her. “Hi, I’m Zoey, are you new to this school too?”. “Yeah, I’m new and I’m quite nervous. I’m Marilyn by the way.” They continued walking as they walked towards the entrance. A tall man with a beard greeted them at the door. “Hello everyone, I am Mr Roberson, I will be your new head teacher. He assigned all of the new students someone to guide them around the school. “Hey, I’m Melinda, I’ll be showing you around this school. Don’t get bored, there’s really nothing much to see.”

There were hundreds of people watching as she walked through the corridors. Melinda showed her to her first class of the day, it was math. As she walked in, Marilyn saw Zoey sitting at a desk and as she looked up from it, she pointed to the desk next to hers. Marilyn said goodbye to Melinda and walked over to her new desk. The whole class was chattering until they heard someone say: “Hello everyone, I am Mrs Cooper and I will be your math teacher.” After an hour, Zoey pointed to the clock saying “Math is almost over, phew”. Just then, the bell rang and they all silently cheered.

Melinda was waiting at the door for Marilyn and they walked to room 21. Marilyn said it was the next subject, Science. As Marilyn walked in, the teacher was already in and was staring at her saying “you’re late!”, Melinda whispered to her saying “always be at least five minutes early to his class.” She walked in sighing, found a seat and sat. “As I was saying before you interrupted, I am Mr Chippings. I am your science teacher.” For an hour they had to sit in silence and if anyone even whispered then he would shout “shut up!”, yeah, he wasn’t a nice teacher. After yet again another hour of science and shouting, it was time for lunch.

It seemed like heaven when they got outside. There was a burger king next to Oakwood school so Marilyn and Zoey went there. Of course, the ice cream machine was broken. They went on social media to catch up when Marilyn  had the idea to skip the next class and hide in the bathrooms, Zoey thought it was an amazing plan so when lunch was over they walked inside and ran to the bathroom, laughing. They were in there for an hour, taking selfies and playing games. Then the bell rang so they walked outside and went to their next class. Melinda was so confused but Marilyn said that Zoey showed her around, she bought it.

They had one more class, English, it wasn’t enjoyable but they made it through by looking at each other and laughing. At the end of the day, Marilyn asked Zoey if she wanted to go over to her house and Zoey agreed. They went to Marilyn’s house and played with her Golden Retriever. Then they both went out for pizza and had an amazing time.



Source: Primary 7