Transient Art

Hello Everyone,

A huge thank you again to all the families that have uploaded photos of the children doing the activities from their friends.

Here is another activity that has been created by one of our friends.

Transient Art:

What you will need:

  • A piece of paper, card or flat surface
  •  Items to create your letter or picture- This could be natural items from the garden or from a walk, or items from your own home.



  •  Pick a letter as a stencil for your transient art picture, or use your items to create an amazing picture. No glue necessary.
  •  Ask a parent to take a picture.
  •  The items can be tidied up and re-made into a new picture.

Above is our friends finished picture, dandelions in the shape of an “A”.

We would love to see your creations.


Here is a song about five little flowers:

Stay safe.



Source: Nursery

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