Life cycle of a butterfly

Hello Everyone.

I hope you have had a fab week so far. This week I found a butterfly in my kitchen, fluttering around. As we looked at the life cycle of a frog last week, I thought we could look at a butterflies life cycle.


The video below has lots of interesting information, did you know a butterfly tastes with its feet? How strange.

Some of our pre-schoolers will remember this song from last year:


Can you create your own butterfly?

Found Object Butterfly Craft - Fantastic Fun & Learning628 Best Loose Parts images in 2020 | Reggio inspired, Reggio ...

You could use items from your house, garden or you could draw or paint one? You could also ask your grown ups to upload your butterfly to ILD.


Our Story today has to be, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

How would you feel if you ate everything the very hungry caterpillar ate?

I hope you enjoy todays videos, songs, activities and story.

Stay Safe.



Source: Nursery

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