1000 Hours Outside Challenge!

Kincorth is blessed with having so many amazing green local spaces right on our doorstep.

Have you been up the Gramps (Kincorth Hill) recently?

From the top, you can see snow on the hills to the west.

Maybe the pond is frozen? Can you find a trail you haven’t taken before?




We also have Tollohill Woods which is my families favourite.


Perfect place to meet friends.

We can walk to it through the new houses at the end of Deeside Brae and through the fields.  (see the path on the map below)

There is lots of wildlife, we have seen squirrels and deer on our walks there. There are some hidden dens and great trees to climb.

It has a  car park for about a dozen cars off the small road south of the B9077 South Deeside Road.

It has a few tree swings and a hidden monument with great views over the River Dee and Aberdeen.


It is worth the walk. We take a flask of hot cocoa for the children on cold days and a snack and hot tea for me.  For older children or those parents with bikes, the paths in the woods are great for bikes. However, you can walk on the smaller paths if you go by foot and that is when you may find Bambi and family.



Riverside walks.

Have you walked from the  Bridge of Dee garden under the bridge past the back of the Harvester and Goals? There is a beautiful collection of stones that have been painted and left there.

Adding your own is always a good idea. Maybe you could make a stone walk beside your house. Or leave a stone for a friend near their home.

Remember last year we found the houses I left around the Kincorth area.  What a great reason to go for a walk in our local streets.

If you have a favourite place to go around Kincroth let us know.

Have fun!


Source: Nursery

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